Rotary Kiln

We have built a production line of rotary kiln of 4.3 meters in diameter and 64 meters in length with a vertical preheater and a vertical drum cooler. It is the largest-diameter and the most advanced rotary kiln in China’s magnesium industry. Thus, the whole production process is high-productive, energy-saved and environment-protective, and also the quality of calcined dolomite is guaranteed.

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Reduction Furnace

We have the following two types of reduction furnace:

Conventional Furnace:
Inner diameter:440-450mm,External diameter:353-355mm
Length:3100mm, Thickness:75-77mm

Vertical Furnace:
Inner diameter:276-280mm,External diameter:545-550mm
Length:4030mm, Thickness:100-105mm

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Energy and Power

The heat for reduction and refining comes from two-stage environment-friendly cold gas generators, the casting process are automatic and continuous. The reduction process is controlled by DCS system, the rotary furnace and melting process are controlled by PLC system, the whole production process achieved informatization and –automation.

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Quality Inspection Center

Our quality inspection center has the following equipment:
Elcectro-thermostatic water pot,chamber type electric resistance furnace, electronic balance,metallograpihc sample polishing machine,ratary vane type vacuum pump, automatic calorimeter, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, metalloscope, salt-mist corrosion tester, water purifier, sample preparation comminuter, jaw crusher, bench lather, metal band sawing machine, hydraulic machine, drilling machine, direct-reading spectrometer, icp spectrometer, tensile testing machine, all these equipment guarantees physical,chemical and spectral test accurately for the products.

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