• Production Advantages

    Out total capacity is 40,000 tons per year, and currently our yearly output is 35,000 tons We can reduce the delivery risk by adjusting our output if we encounter the rapid rising of price.

  • Cost Advantages

    We own a professional team that had been engaged in magnesium smelting and management for more than 17 years. We also had our own technology achievements and experiences for promoting Pegion process and production cost control, which makes us to control the cost and quality at the leading place of china Mg industry.

  • Brand Advantages

    Now we have established long-term and strategic partnership with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Rio Tinto, Alcoa,  Hydro Aluminium, Elkem, Rusal, Dubal, Egypt Aluminium, Novelis,, Hulamin, Meridian, Chalco, Baotai Group, Ka Shui Group, Key Safety Systems. The advantages and resources we occupied in the field are becoming more and more obviously and competitively, which also reflect that we are becoming mature in keeping promise, quality control, logistics service.

Quality Advantages

Qualification Authentication

System Management

  • We can offer magnesium and alloy new materials from 100g to 650kg in different shapes and size, for different industries.  The magnesium alloy new materials we offered are the most complete and highest quality. The industry value is obvious. Our magnesium ingots classification system is the most particular one in our industry, which is far beyond the international standard, we classify products according to different customers' demand, truly meet every customer's quality requirement. We also have a high quality requirement on chemical elements, surface, ingot weight, packaging, cold laps, fins and shrinks,which makes us the sole magnesium producer who We have the most strict quality requirement in magnesium industry.

    We have taken the lead in obtaining certificates of ISO9001 quality management system, environment management system and safety management system. We joined China nonferrous metals industry group on April 23, 2010, passed Reach certificate on November 30, 2010, was honored with the partnership award in 2012 and the Nominee for quality and service award by Rio Tinto in 2013. We obtained the T/S16949 certificate from TUV in 2014, we became one of the strategic partners of Meridian in 2015.

Service Advantages

Cooperation Partner

Enterprise Honer

Dolomite Advantages

With a reserve of over 200 million tons, our dolomite mine is 8 km always from our plant. High-quality dolomite advanced mining equipment and abundant resources are unique advantages for extending our industrial chain, which also laid a solid foundation for sustainable development. We are also one of the few manufactures which integrated mining, distribution, magnesium smelting, magnesium alloying and waste recycling. All these advantages provide reliable guarantees for production stability.

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